Book Review: Senna vs Prost (Malcom Folley)


I’d seen it on bookshelves for a while, but I finally forced myself to pick up a copy of Senna Verses Prost. The blurb promised a good coverage of the battle between the late Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, so I was eager to sit down and read this one.

I learnt a lot in the book that I didn’t already know. It was full of comments from people that
knew the two and really opened my eyes to the deep battle between the two greats. I enjoyed reading it, but thought it lacked a certain something – some of which I can
easily identify.

The book was written in 2009 – some 15 years after the death of Ayrton Senna. That doesn’t mean that the information is dated or
it’s vague – far from it – but what it
seriously lacks is input from Senna. Whereas Folley was obviously able to contact people that knew both Senna and Prost, he was (for obvious reasons) unable to get
masses of information from Senna’s
perspective regarding exactly what Folley was discussing. That probably let the book down a lot.

The book also suffered with the repetitive use of a few sources. Granted, Jo Ramirez is a
great source – but he seems to be the only one able to bring lots of evidence to the table
when recalling 1988 onward. I don’t
know if it hurt the book, but it did get a little irritating reading “As Jo Ramirez recalls,” or
“Ramirez was there to witness all of it:” continually.

Overall, I’d give the book 3/5. It’s a really good read – probably the best out there regarding the rivalry between the two – but it feels as if it lacks something.


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