Scorpion Racing Announced: Will They Fight or Flounder?


The remains of the defunct HRT team are rumoured to be of interest to investors from Canada and America, to be used in an attempt to enter the 2014 Formula One World Championship.

It is alleged the team would run under the name “Scorpion Racing”.

Having previously run under the names Campos Meta, Hispania Racing and finally HRT F1, the squad announced its complete withdrawal from Formula One in November 2012.

HRT finished last of all constructors last year.

Though information is patchy, the investors are claimed have the full support of Formula One Supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

Autosport alleges Ecclestone promised the investors the FIA would approve their application.

Side note

Wealthy investors have for many years entered Formula One with an eye for making a fortune and few have succeded. Once Campos’s entry became the pass-the-buck entry card of Formula One, the operation was doomed to failure. Will Scorpion Racing become another name in the CamposHispaniaHRT story? With news that the investors plan to operate out of Silverstone, running Cosworth engines and Williams gearboxes, why do I sense déjà vu?


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