Formula 1000 Makes Its Debut in Western Australia


The Western Australian Formula 1000 championship became the first formula-spec competition in the state’s history when testing took off earlier this month.

A technological step above the popular local Formula Vee and Formula Ford series, F1000 provides Western Australian competition racers with modern racing technology comparable to that of European Formula 3 championships.

Unlike many amateur series, Formula 1000 is open to chassis alterations, meaning teams are able to make changes to the design of their vehicle, engine build and certain technical items in search of greater performance.

Weighing 500kg including the driver, the four-cylinder, one-litre engines output more than 165 horsepower at 12,000rpm.

It is understood that the cars reached up to 200km/h on the small back straight and recorded times only a few seconds shy of the lap record in their first outing.


Following the event at Barbagallo Raceway, amateur photographer Richard Hussey spoke highly of the noise produced by the 1000cc engines.

“They sounded like Formula One cars,” he said. “They should be really entertaining.”

Formula 1000 competitions have been particularly popular in North America and Asia, with the Formula UAE series visiting venues in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Whilst information available to the public is sparse at present, this blog is expecting further information to be shed on the series in the near future.


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