Red Bull Racing Confirms Limited Evans Contract


Red Bull Racing has confirmed a working contract with 2012 GP3 champion Mitch Evans, but they only provide sponsorship of his race helmet.

It has previously been speculated Red Bull GmbH, not the Formula One team, was dealing with the New Zealander driver’s helmet design.

The New Zealander, who has frequently been spotted in Red Bull-branded merchandise this year, has been rumoured to be a candidate for a Red Bull Racing seat in the future.

The team was willing to disclose their relationship with the 18-year-old, but maintained secrecy as to their future commitment.

“Yes, we support Mitch with [his] helmet during his GP2 season,” a Red Bull representative revealed.

“But we are not in charge of any press releases.”

Along with sponsorship from Red Bull Racing the Arden driver is supported separately by Red Bull GmbH.

Evans has regularly been seen sporting Red Bull-branded gear. ©GP3_Official

Evans has regularly been seen sporting Red Bull-branded gear. ©GP3_Official

Evans is managed by Red Bull Racing driver Mark Webber and partner Ann Neal.

A €200,000 prize from Pirelli for winning last year’s GP3 crown was but a small step towards securing a seat for this year’s campaign and Evans admitted finding the money to fund his 2013 GP2 campaign wasn’t going to be easy.

His move to GP2 was announced in January after a lengthy negotiation period.

His connection to Mark Webber is believed to have been a major help in finding the necessary finance to secure a 2013 Arden seat.


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