Force India boss ready to invest

Force India team principal and owner Vijay Mallya has said he is looking to finance an expansion of the Force India factory at Silverstone in an attempt to improve the team’s competitiveness.

Force India has scored 318 points in the five-and-a-half years since Mallya purchased the Spyker team and currently sits fifth in the championship.

But save for a surprise pole and podium at the 2009 Belgian Grand Prix the team, which operates out of the factory Jordan Grand Prix were using in 2005, has been unable to make an impact on the upper order of the F1 grid.

Mallya says factory renovations will enable the team to consistently challenge the top order.

“I am very proud that we are achieving this kind of track performance with the type of windtunnel we have,” he said to Autosport.

“The boys are doing a remarkable job. This is a windtunnel of Eddie Jordan vintage.”

The 57-year-old Indian billionaire said he is also looking at injecting funds into the race team itself as they try to escape the mid-points and consistently challenge for the podium.

“We are looking at some land adjacent to the factory to cater for future expansion,” he said.

“If we have access to a more modern windtunnel, I believe that the performance of this team will jump exponentially as it is one of our handicaps today.”

Force India drivers Paul di Resta and Adrian Sutil have failed to score points in the last two races, but an early-season run of points for di Resta has helped push the team two points ahead of F1 giants McLaren.

“We are taking a lot of pride in these small steps forward,” Mallya said.

“The design team, the technical team are doing a brilliant job but I need to give them the tools for that last mile. That’s what separates the big teams from the smaller teams.”


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