United States Grand Prix Team-mate Battles

Red Bull LogoSebastian Vettel
Standings: Vettel 16, Webber 2

Vettel continued his run of victories and broke the previous record as he brought home consecutive victory number eight. Pole, fastest lap and having lead almost every race, Sebastian is threatening to push a lot of casual viewers away from the television sets on Sunday. Team-mate Mark Webber showed on Saturday he might have the pace to fight for the win, but being boxed at turn 1 again put him in traffic as his team-mate pushed away in the lead. But for the Lotus’s long seventh gear, it would have been another 1-2 here for Red Bull.


Ferrari LogoFernando Alonso
Standings: Alonso 15, Massa 3

Massa dropped the ball in qualifying and failed to recover on Sunday. Alonso was steady, if unspectacular. Let’s hope Ferrari moved their focus to 2014 a long time ago – it’ll be embarrassing for them if they have even thought about touching the car in the last six months.


mcLaren logoSergio Perez
Standings: Button 12, Perez 6

Perez again as Button floundered in the midfield. Now without a contract, Sergio will be hoping drives like these have improved his chances of picking up a drive next year. Jenson has had the measure of his team-mate for much of the season, so he shouldn’t be too worried about the last couple of races. A defeat in Brazil would be a bit disappointing, though – and would certainly leave McLaren red faced.

Lotus F1 Team -  Official LogoRomain Grosjean
Standings: Raikkonen 11, Grosjean 7, Kovalainen 0

Grosjean stepped up to the plate again with Kimi absent and recorded his fourth podium result in five races. He’s made a big step up in the last 12 months and should certainly be a prospect for a top team. Kovalainen’s return was less impressive as he suffered the all-to-common woes one-off (or in this case two-off) returnees and debuting drivers seem to go through every first race.


Lewis Hamilton
Standings: Rosberg 6, Hamilton 12

Nico cost himself a result on Saturday and while Hamilton wasn’t happy with the the car on Sunday, he scored ten more points than his team-mate on this occasion.



Nico Hulkenberg
Standings: Hulkenberg 17, Gutierrez 1

Hulkenberg again at the front, trying to interfere with front runners’ races. Gutierrez again at the back, fighting for crumbs.

Paul di Resta
Standings: Di Resta 12, Sutil 6

Sutil binned it, Paul kept it on the track. Easy as that.

Valtteri Bottas
Standings: Maldonado 12, Bottas 6

Bottas made a sensational entry into a points result and punched higher than any Williams team member could have imagined. A fantastic result after being re-signed by the team. Pastor needn’t have showed up and put his engine and gearbox through 55 laps for nothing.


Toro Rosso logo

Daniel Ricciardo
Standings: Vergne 6, Ricciardo 12

Ricciardo had the edge in qualifying and the race. A late-race struggle with the tyres put an end to his hopes of a point this weekend, but the pit wall are well aware of who was faster (and who didn’t get a penalty post race).


Giedo van der Garde
Standings: Pic 11, van der Garde 7

Giedo continued his run of supremacy over Pic. It’s been a while since Charles turned up on Sunday.



Jules Bianchi
Standings: Bianchi 15, Chilton 3

Max finished last, a lap behind the next guy. Jules beat both Caterhams.

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